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Vaulter Club and The UCS Pole Vault Summit 2015

Friday January 16th was an epic Friday in the world of pole vaulting for Vaulter Club and the youth athletes that traveled to Reno, Nevada to see the best in pole vault reach for the sky. The elite session started with a casual warmup and escalated with Renaud Lavillenie, Sam Kendricks and Steve Lewis battling it out for the ... More

Pole Vault Summit Images 2015

Added to our front page are the 2015 Pole Vault Summit Elite and Olympian images from the pole vault summit last weekend. If you have more that you would like for us to add, please send them our way. We had the time of our life and you can see that in our athletes faces. See you next year!  Start planning today!  One of ... More

Pole Vault Gymnastics moves to Wednesday Next week

Vaulter Club pole vault gymnastics now from 6:00 - 8:00 pm on Wednesday until the end of track season. Come and join us for some fun and much needed gymnastics training specifically geared towards pole vault. STARTING NEXT WEEK! More

Vaulter Clubs Alex Ungrady and Ryan Ryan Polakiewicz take 1st Place

Great Oak High School held an All-Comer’s meet for the Inland Empire that delivered for many pole vaulters in the Inland Empire area. Upwards of 25 pole vaulters boys and girls combined jumped on Saturday with some of the best weather imaginable. Slightly cloudy and cool to start with and warming throughout the meet. To ... More