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Pole Vault Summit Review – Jenny Wartinbee Qualifies for the 2016 USATF Indoor Championships

(Temecula, California) Vaulter Club (a Temecula Pole Vault and Track and Field Club) completed it's final competition with the travel circuit by pole vaulting at the Reno Pole Vault Summit sponsored by UCS- Spirit. This was an annual trip that the club made to partake in all of the fun and excitement that the event has to offer ... More

Vaulter Club is Now accepting 6-8 Grade Athletes (Middle School)

Vaulter Club is now accepting 6-8 grade Athletes for the first time since September of last year.  Now is the time to get your athlete over to our facility and start training.  Start your child early and have them jumping over bars in no time.  We have the poles and the equipment to get them started today. Training starts ... More

VS Athletics Donates in a Big Way for Vaulter Club.

(Temecula, California) Vaulter Club is new to the pole vaulting world in Southern California and the United States and so is our Travel Circuit. Although we are new, the news travels very fast when things are looking bright for the future. VS Athletics came to the club and wanted to donate new pole vault standards to the kids ... More