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Pole Vault Gymnastics moves to Wednesday Next week

Vaulter Club pole vault gymnastics now from 6:00 - 8:00 pm on Wednesday until the end of track season. Come and join us for some fun and much needed gymnastics training specifically geared towards pole vault. STARTING NEXT WEEK! More

Vaulter Clubs Alex Ungrady and Ryan Ryan Polakiewicz take 1st Place

Great Oak High School held an All-Comer’s meet for the Inland Empire that delivered for many pole vaulters in the Inland Empire area. Upwards of 25 pole vaulters boys and girls combined jumped on Saturday with some of the best weather imaginable. Slightly cloudy and cool to start with and warming throughout the meet. To ... More

Changes coming to Vaulter Club – Some start right away!

Hello everyone and thank you for the past support that you have given the club within the infancy stages of our program. Starting today we have made some changes to the pricing and fees associated with the club. 1. The drop in rate of $25 will now be $20 flat fee. This will take place effective immediately. 2. Starting ... More


Vaulter Club sets it sights for the SAN DIEGO STATE UNIVERSITY RED-BLACK MEET. Saturday – December 6th 2014 Proceeds support San Diego State Women’s Cross Country and Track & Field Program. Competitors of all ages welcome! Pre-register on-line this year! $10 per athlete, unlimited events Registration link ... More

Club Practice Begins Tomorrow

Tomorrow evening Vaulter Club will start their pre-season work outs for the upcoming season. If you want to pole vault we have the facility to make that happen. Come join us for our first practice of the fall season. We have the poles, all you have to do is send us a note on Facebook or through our website and we will bring ... More

USATF Approved Club

Vaulter Club received notice today that we are an official USATF Pole Vault Track and Field Club in Temecula, California. Now we will be covered through USATF at the schools that we train at, along with the ability to hold our own USATF sanctioned events and meets. This was a long process for the club, with Coaching staff ... More

Gymnastics Moved Up in Date, Pole Vaulting Moved Back!

Vaulter Club is proud to announce that they will have their first Pole Vault gymnastic class this Saturday September 20, 2014, and all Saturdays until February 2015. The anticipation and hard work has paid off and we will have the facility ready for our first class of pole vaulters. Vaulter Club pole vaulting will start ... More

University Signs up with Vaulter Club Gymnastics

Vaulter Club is very excited to inform the general public that a major San Diego University has sign up for six weeks of Gymnastics pole vaulting with us. This just became real for pole vaulting in Southern California. Stay tuned for pictures and more coming soon! Sign Up Today More

Mark Brown Joins Vaulter Club

Mark Brown has been coaching high school and collegiate pole vault for over 20 years, beginning with his own vaulting career at University of Arizona. Before his pole vault career, Mark was a nationally ranked gymnast, which he used to coach athletes who were ranked in the top 5 in Region 1. He brings this talent and expertise ... More