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Correction to article on December 7, 2015

There was one error and an addition to the article posted on 7 December 2015 titled, "Vaulter Magazine – Vaulter Club Week #5 Results and Leader Board." The high school girl leader was Kate Thomas and she jumped 11'6" instead of 12'. Also Annie Abicca was added at 9'6" to the high school girls. More

Pole Vault Gymnastics is Back!

Come and join us for the first winter pole vault gymnastics session on Thursday Night December 3, 2015 from 6-8 pm. Check out our Gymnastics Page by clicking here for more details about this event. More

Vaulter Magazine – Vaulter Club Leader Board Week #3 Fullerton JC

(Temecula, California) What a meet this was! Let's just start out by saying that the start of the pole vault meet was great and by the end the boys section was cancelled.  So for this week we have no points given out, but we have some new leader board kids to talk about. Fun times none the less and excitement for some of the ... More

Leader Board Week Two Corona Meet

Week two of the Vaulter Magazine - Vaulter Club Travel team Circuit was a lot of fun and shows that people and clubs can succeed in a grand scale. If you build it they will come, is a motto that many have used and even a movie was based off of in the 1980's. (or maybe that saying came from the movie) We are building it piece by ... More

Leader board for Week one!

Week one of the Vaulter Magazine - Vaulter Club Travel team Circuit was a huge success and continues to grow. Many of the teams, schools and coaches wanted to sit back and see how it worked out before committing to something new.  We get that, this is exactly how life is and we have a plan for that as well. With that said, we ... More

Vaulter Magazine – Vaulter Club Travel Circuit 2015 Meet #1 Results

(Temecula, CA) Saturday November 7, 2015, could not have been better for the pole vault enthusiast in and around Southern California. The weather was a perfect 77 degrees throughout the day and sunny as could be for these young pole vaulters. The parent support group for Vaulter Club was up and ready to go with Hot dogs, ... More

Travel Team Trophy ready for the start of the Fall / Winter Season

Kids love the sport of pole vaulting and they love to compete against some of the best around.  Why not have the best of both worlds and jump year around with some of the best teams and jumpers in Southern California. Vaulter Magazine - Vaulter Club will start the Fall / Winter season off this weekend with it's first meet of ... More

Pole Vault Gymnastics New Coach

Vaulter Magazine - Vaulter Club Inc., is proud to announce our newest member of our club, Jenny (Soceka) Wartinbee as your gymnastics coach for pole vaulting.  Jenny brings enormous talent to the plate when it come to pole vaulting and gymnastics. This program will start September 12, 2015 at 9 am - 11am. Last year we had a ... More

University Signs up with Vaulter Club Gymnastics

Vaulter Club is very excited to inform the general public that a major San Diego University has sign up for six weeks of Gymnastics pole vaulting with us. This just became real for pole vaulting in Southern California. Stay tuned for pictures and more coming soon! Sign Up Today More